Tuesday, June 22, 2010


In preparation for Sir Ian this evening, I've returned to my bilingual edition of Waiting for Godot. Becket has taken on a whole new persona since I read the Nora biography by Brenda Maddox. Apparently James Joyce and Nora's daughter fell madly in love in Beckett when she met him at her parents' apartment in Paris.
Anyway, this one lean, economical and thoroughly fascinating play and I can't wait to see it performed for the first time.It was almost enough to distract me on the bus this morning from the foul-odoured person who sat next to me, full body contact for most of the trip.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Lights Out!

Lights Out in Wonderland
DBC Pierre
It’s just what postmodernism should be: ironic, fun, footnoted and dripping with disestablishmentarianism. Drawing from David Foster Wallace, Don Delillo and Hunter S. Thompson style hijinks for the 21st century, Lights Out in Wonderland is a drug-soaked and fatalistic bacchanal. Our hero, Gabriel Brockwell, is planning one last bender before committing suicide and he pulls his best buddy, a chef called Smuts, along down with him. From fornicating in a fish tank to koala confit, this is one helluva ride. 

Sunday, June 20, 2010

I can see my house from here

Well here's an exciting production. UTS bravely charges a bunch of students each year with producing an anthology. And this year's is a cracker (and not just because yours truly was one of the editors). Everything you ever wanted in an anthology is packed in here: flash fiction; screen-writing; poetry and short stories. Crikey sure liked it. Where can you get your copy? Right here.


People ask whenever I'm wearing these, and in this order: 'Where are they from?' and 'Are they as comfortable as they look?'
a) Alfie's Friend Rolfe. It's a local brand called The horse and these shoes are called Dorothy. No, they don't come in black.
b) Yes. Absolutely. They cuddle my arches and caress my toes.
Who says comfort and style are mutually exclusive. And yes, friends, publishing types can manage colours other than black under the right circumstances.