Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Food: Eat It

In my spare time when I'm not at work or sleeping or eating, I've been working on a magazine for new writing. Seizure's first issue 'Food' comes out in June 2011. Have a look at our website.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Jane vs George

I'm having a George Eliot moment right now. Not just because I received the complete BBC George Eliots on DVD for Christmas or the fact that I finished Middlemarch for the first of what I am sure will be many times. My GE moment is largely inspired the cult of Jane Austen which has become not just tiresome, but a cliche. Sure, GE's books are longer, and perhaps  more difficult to finish as a result, but to my mind, GE is a far better writer and more deserving by far of our undying admiration and love. Please find below just three of the most compelling arguments.
Reason #1:
She is just as quotable, for instance, Sir James in Middlemarch, in thinking of Dorothea and his general ability to handle her, considers; 'A man's mind - what there is of it - has always the advantage of being masculine, - as the smallest birch-tree is of a higher kind than the most soaring palm, - and even his ignorance is of a sounder quality.'
Reason #2
GE was also far more of a rule-breaker than our girl Jane, living unmarried with a man for much of her adult life. Her heroines are more complex, and often dislikable but still manage to inspire empathy given their overwhelming humaness.
 Reason #3 
GE translated German philosophy into English, such was the depth and breath of her intelligence.

The contest between Jane and George is, ultimately, in my head, and I would by no means suggest we stop reading Persuasion or P&P or S&S. It's just that I would like to see a little more attention shined on the author who is, to my mind, the greatest English novelist of the 19th century. There, I said it.